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About Us

Mario Conte, a dedicated father of three with a true entrepreneurial spirit, started MGVG Living, in 2018. He attributes its success to the firm commitment he’s made to running businesses shaped by well-established code of ethics, mutual respect, and a focus on treating people with the same care as a family member. These guiding principles are the makings of a solid foundation for a successful business.

At MGVG Living, we take pride in offering our residents a seamless living experience through our in-house property management team. With MGVG Property Management overseeing every aspect of management at our apartment complexes, you can rest assured that your needs will be met with utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that our properties are well-maintained, creating a comfortable and secure environment for all residents to enjoy. From routine maintenance and repairs to handling resident requests and inquiries, MGVG Property Management is committed to delivering exceptional service and fostering a sense of community within our apartment complexes. By having our own in-house property management team, we have the advantage of direct communication and quick response times, enabling us to address any issues promptly. Our team is always available to assist our residents, providing a personalized touch and ensuring that their living experience at MGVG Living is nothing short of exceptional.

With MGVG Property Management in control, you can trust that your apartment complex will receive the highest level of attention and care, creating a living environment that is second to none.

Meet The Team

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